The scarf is more than a garment, more than an adornment, it is a way of life. We wish to humbly introduce you here our favourites, our pieces of unique, which, we hope, fill you with a sense.

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  • Plain

    The fall is past. Finished, the sun and the long days. It appears the sweaters and coats! Despite the fact that we would remain well over the duvet, our obligations we rattrappent. So rather than leave the neck at the mercy of all the cool winds of the season, we suggest you warm up with the help of our soft scarves...

  • Les Foulards en Soie

    Silk is a natural material, noble, resistant with strong insulation (warm in winter and cool in summer). Softness material beyond compare, it is a unique and an essential material to have in your closets, in all circumstances and whatever the season. Silk dresses women who love freedom, sincerity and seeking originality. Painting on silk is a creative art which can make scarves, cushions or lampshades in this beautiful fabric. This art with traditional origins requires technique and special equipment. Although, we do not know exactly when the silk appeared in China, fragments of painted silk, dating from the Third and Second Centuries BC, were found. Before inventing the paper, Chinese’s people had a custom of painting on silk. This exceptional material will convince you from the very first test.

  • Collection Ensoleillée

    Scarves, flowers and scarves to ornaments, here you will find scarves that breathe the spring or even the summer of 2014!

  • Man-made square

    Vibrant colors that warm the eyes, this is a collection of scarves, full of sun and scent of lavender. Make your choice!

  • Collection Géométriques

    Scarves warm, essential when we go out by winter temperatures.

  • Stitch scarf

    Discover here all kinds of scarves, solid color, adorned sometimes with rhinestones or other decoration discreet. You can find contents fluid such as viscose, thick with the polyester and even the mesh according to the season. Make your choice!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 57 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 57 items